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For the first review I choose a wonderful series by Andrew Klavan called The Homelander Series It is awesome.  It is a YA Series and a must read.  It is young, fresh and fast- paced and is what is happening in the world today.  The protagonist is an 18 year old high school student named Charlie West who wakes up one day and finds himself wanted by everyone from the local police ( for the murder of his best friend) to terrorist.  It takes everything for him to survive while dealing with serious side effect  of something that wiped away his recent memory.  He copes in a refreshing way that you don't see in books now days.  You will be hooked from the very beginning.  But don't stop there.  Read all four books.  You won't be sorry you did.


The first book in the series is called,  The Last Thing I Remember, the second, The Long Way Home, and third,  The Truth of The Matter, and the final one ,The Final Hour.




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