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     Well known homosexual activist, Dan Savage (although I never heard of him before now), recently a keynote speaker on bullying at a conference got the surprise of his life when his targeted audience, high school journalism students walked out on him when he began ranting and bullying Christians, the Bible and the Republicans.

     The reason for the walk out is a very simple one. Choice. Mr. Savage expressed his disgust over Christians and the students expressed their disgust with him.

     All of this stems from NEA (National Education Association) decision to allow homosexuals into the mainstream of our schools even when, and get this, the majority of Americans DO NOT want this.

     When I was younger, kids at school and on playgrounds and neighborhoods across the country were bullied by a bully because he was either too fat, or thin, or wore glasses, or had an accent, or a hundred other reasons. Kids do this. And they are wrong. There should never be a reason why someone makes fun of or bullies others to the point of hurting someone. But now "bullying" thinly disguised as it is, refers to only homosexuals and the bullying thereof. The schools are inundated with this topic. Is it wrong to bully homosexuals? Yes. But, is saying that homosexuality is wrong because God said it was, bullying. No.

     In Lev. 20:13 it states, if a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them has committed an abomination. Those are Gods words, Gods rules. Who is Dan Savage or the NEA or others of like kind to say otherwise.

Christians do not hate homosexuals they dislike the sin of homosexuality. And therefor it’s the Christians who is being bullied just like in Mr. Savage hate filled speech. That is the reason those students walked out on him.

     Mr. Savage had to ask those students (while calling then a name. So mature from an adult to teenage students) to come back in. Whether they did or not I don’t know. If I were one of those students I would have complained. But to who, that is the question. The adult organizers of the conference issued a statement informing people that they "were well aware of the viewpoints of Mr. Savage" in a sense blaming the students for coming to their conference in he first place. The organizers made an attempt to say they wish that Mr. Savage would have stayed more on target but went on to "admonished" the teenage journalist by saying they "should be able to listen to a speech that offends you." I wonder if that goes for the NEA and Mr. Savage too?




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